We offer the best grades of Australian Premium Beef from our mother brand – Mulwarra.

The Mulwarra brand was established in 1997. The company’s name “Mulwarra” is a native Australian word meaning “A man that always has meat” and represents the consistency and the reliability of the company in delivering to their customers the finest quality meats.

Mulwarra Premium Black Angus Beef

Sourced from selected Black Angus cattle, Mulwarra Premium Black Angus Beef is a slightly marbled and characteristically flavoursome grass fed product.

Grown in Australia’s south eastern Gippsland region, all cattle enjoy nutrient-rich pastures and high quality feed year round, as well as a stress free environment which guarantees the most tender beef.

All cattle are bred and raised under free range conditions overseen by strict protocols that focus on the animal’s welfare. This ensures the best growing conditions resulting in a consistently tender product.

Mulwarra Grain-Fed Beef

Mulwarra supplies quality grain fed beef sourced from accredited feedlots in eastern Australia. Cattle are fed between 100 to 120 days on a natural grain ration and finished to stringent specifications which ensure superior and consistent quality.

Mulwarra Grain Feed
Mulwarra Grain Feed 01
Mulwarra Grain Feed 02

Mulwarra Grass-Fed Beef

Mulwarra supplies quality free range grass fed beef sourced from Australia’s premier cattle regions in the eastern states of Victoria and New South Wales.

All cattle are sourced according to strict guidelines, focusing on quality and consistency and categorised as Select Beef, Young Prime Beef or Prime Steer Beef grades according to individual customer requirements.

Sourcing from a number of regions allows for a careful selection of cattle from areas experiencing favourable seasonal conditions. This flexibility ensures customers receive a product with outstanding eating quality and characteristic flavour in every shipment.

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