We offer the best grades of Australian Premium Veal from our mother brand – Mulwarra.

The Mulwarra brand was established in 1997. The company’s name “Mulwarra” is a native Australian word meaning “A man that always has meat” and represents the consistency and the reliability of the company in delivering to their customers the finest quality meats.

Mulwarra Premium Veal

Mulwarra supplies the finest quality, tender and pink veal sourced from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Here, the calves are raised exclusively for veal production under ideal conditions.

Although in Australia the term veal is used to specify cuts from carcasses of up to 150kg, Mulwarra supplies selected veal from carcasses weighing up to 110kg, ensuring a consistent light coloured product.

All veal is selected from dedicated producers who grow healthy calves under strict animal welfare guidelines and excellent nutritional conditions.